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"I love it, it makes me feel so good when I'm driving!  I catch myself glancing
at it all the time."
Lorraine Sherwood
Oceanside, Ca.

"I searched for a vase on the Volkswagen website, but they only had
replacement tubes, and not the connector part. It was thrilling to find your
website, and after purchasing one for me and one for a friend, I need to buy
two more for other friends. What an innovative idea. Why should Volkswagen
owners have all the fun? My Kia Spectra looks fabulous with my lovely
AutoVase filled with flowers. Thank you!"
Mary B. Parker
Dover, Mass.

"Very classy! It’s not overwhelming and it makes my car feel special."
Donna Miller
Virginia Beach, Va.

"The occasional surprise flower from my husband dropped into my AutoVase
in the morning always makes a routine day special! Dealing with the stress of
owning and running a business and then adding driving stress on top of that
can take its toll.  Now I have a daily reminder to stop and smell the roses and
remember what's really important in life. Best of all it's an easy way for my
husband to say "I love you" by dropping a quick fresh flower into my AutoVase
just to surprise me and let me know he's thinking of me while he's at work. I'm
putting one in all of my employees cars to keep them focused on the sweeter
side of life and to lower their stress levels in just one novel and inexpensive
new way. I love it!"  
Pam Schwagerl
Reedley, Ca.